Saturday, May 26, 2018
By Tammy Hadley
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I'm little obsessed with the 70's fashion. 

bell bottoms. 

tube tops.


crop tops. 

big sunglasses.


natural curly hair. 

Meet Chloe.

the winner of my session giveaway. 

I think she could pass for Taylor Swift 

and a young Daryl Hannah

in some of these images. 

She was totally on board with my idea of a fun 

70's styled shoot.  

So we set out on a shopping trip. 

She let me select her wardrobe

I had visioned her to wear. 

We found all these pieces in less than one hour.

Headed to downtown Pensacola

where I love to go.


she. totally. killed. it. 


A huge thank you goes out to Chloe 

for letting me be creative

and being so awesome to work with! 

#seventieschic #seventiesfashioncomingback



Monday, March 05, 2018
By Tammy Hadley
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I am so excited to share this engagement session. 

Not only does Chasity & Jason make the cutest couple. 

They are pretty awesome to hang out with to.

Jason being the comical one. 

Chasity being the chilled person she always is. 

My goals were to capture some "real" moments. 

The love for each other. 

The laughter they share. 

Their playfulness. 

The attraction they have.  

The bond between them. 

My current favorite song has the perfect lyrics for them.

"I see forever when I see your face and I swear god made you for me" 

"You're my sunshine in the darkest days

my better half. 

my saving grace. 

you make me who I want to be" 


Thank y'all for choosing me to document this special time. 

54 days till "I Do" ♥




Saturday, January 20, 2018
By Tammy Hadley
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Meet ALISSA, the winner of my session giveaway. 

and a total. Mini RIHANNA look alike!

She is five and a kindergartener at Flomaton Elementary School. 

Her favorite song is from Frozen- "Let it go"

I broke out in song several times. LOL (not pretty)

I had an idea of the perfect outfit for this fun session. 

Target came through for me when I found these great pieces. 

Meeting Alissa for the first time today. 

She was adorable.



mixed with a little bit of diva attitude. 

which. I totally. loved. 

I could not have asked for a better model. 

She was a little pro. 

Some girls were born to SPARKLE. 

Ali nailed my vision. 

be "YOU" tiful. 






Wednesday, December 13, 2017
By Tammy Hadley
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Braden contacted me weeks ago to schedule a couple session as a birthday gift to Sylvia. 

but. with. a. little.


Braden was planning on proposing to Sylvia during our session. 


My first REAL engagement/proposal session. 

I wanted their day to be perfect. 

DECEMBER 5TH. Sylvia's actual birthday.

BUT the weather had other plans. 

I decided to move our session time up two hours to beat the bad weather predicted to start that afternoon. 

Once we arrived to the location. 

and I noticed 

Braden's face.

I could see the fear, the nerves, the sweating

was hitting him. 


We had it all planned out. 

First some casual shots of them together

and then his CUE. 

I would ask Sylvia to walk away from Braden on the bridge.  

Once she turned and starting walking back. 

Action. It was all his MOMENT. 

I started the music "Marry Me" by Train. 


Braden dropped to his knee and she was taken by complete surprise.

I stood back to give them their privacy. 

still wanting to capture this special moment. 

the surprise.

the shock.

the tears.

the happiness 

the love these two share. 

This turned out to be the most perfect day....for two of the sweetest people I know. 

The rain held off until the very end. 

But what a wonderful way to end the afternoon. 

Running in the rain. 



What a BIG STEP. 

Wishing these two nothing but HAPPINESS in their future TOGETHER♥ 


Friday, November 03, 2017
By Tammy Hadley
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They say LOVE is more precious than GOLD. 

It can't be bought or sold. 


Happiness is contagious. 

The love this family shares is undeniable. 


From the moment I entered into Hannah & Daniel's beautiful home, I felt like family. 

Their kids showered me with hugs, kisses, hold me's, come see my room, lets go outside and play. 

They just wanted to introduce me to their tiny stuffed animals. 

So of course, I got to meet them today also. 

I just wanted to take all three of them home with me. 

FOR REALS - the sweetest children.

with the coolest names.

The twins Hattie and Saybal are turning five in December.

Gentry turned 16 months the day of  our session. 

Saybal...being a little more reserved and quiet.

Hattie...being more outspoken and a leader. 

Gentry...being the center of everyone's attention.

I wanted to tell their story. 


Sometimes the one behind the camera... 

gets their heart touched in the process.


God's abundant BLESSINGS were all around.

the strong bond of a FAMILY. 

the innocence of CHILDHOOD.

small HANDS. 

the MEMORIES in the making.

the LOVE. 


Enjoy these moments~

they are only little once. 

Hattie, Saybal, & have totally melted my heart. 

I enjoyed every second spent with this adorable family♥